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Dupont Pioneer is an industry leader in developing canola hybriids to better meet canola grower needs in Western Canada, Dupont canola hybrids range from having built-in clubroot and sclerotinia resistance combined with outstanding yield potential and standability to early maturity products developed for specific environments.

Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties are not "one-size-fits-all" products, growers can choose from varieties with high-yielding, high-quality or winter hardy options.

Soybean acres in Manitoba have rapidly intensified in a very short period of time coupled with the expansion of this crop into new growing regions in the rest of Western Canada. DuPont Pioneer is investing heavily in research and development in Western Canada with a focus on developing new early soybean varieties for our Western Canadian market.

Pioneer Hi-Bred has been breeding corn hybrids for over 80 years. As we apply our global experience to Western Canada, we remain committed to continued investment to expand the corn growing opportunity for local growers. As part of this effort, we have recently placed a new corn breeder in Carman, Manitoba specifically to breed early corn hybrids for Western Canada. The effort is supported by a dedicated research effort in Edmonton, Alberta

Northstar Seed is a fully integrated seed company specializing in the production, marketing and distribution of cool season grasses, legumes, corn and lawn seed.

Our STRATUM™ alfalfa coating process provides layers of protection separating the inoculant from the seed treatment.


Revolution MD NEW – With maximum digestibility and RFQ (Relative Forage Quality), Revolution MD has exceptional forage quality. 

Sidewinder NEW – Creeping root alfalfa selected for high forage yield with excellent winter hardiness and persistence. For more information see the Download Spec Sheet

Perfection – the latest advance in Stand Fast technology. Selected for high forage DM and NDF levels.

AAC Meadowview – An acid tolerant variety suited for the foothills of AB or the Peace region of AB and BC. 

Robust – high performance synthetic multi-foliate variety. 

Rugged ST – A tough and hardy variety with deep-set crowns that is able to tolerate a variety of conditions, including increased salinity.

TH2 – A winter-hardy multifoliate that is a strong performer that consistently delivers very high yields and exceptional quality. 

Response WT – Performs well on medium to heavy soils. This branch rooted variety can be seeded under irrigation as well as dryland conditions. 

Runner – A winter hardy and drought tolerant creeping rooted alfalfa that performs under most of the conditions Western Canada has to offer.

Blend 10-5 – A varietal #1 blend that uses only Northstar Seed premium alfalfas. This blend offers top performance characteristics that will adapts to various soil conditions, combining the strengths of each unique variety. 

Ultimate Dryland Blend – certified blend of Runner and Robust alfalfa for dryland producers.

Haygrazer – Branch root with a sunken crown stands up to grazing and traffic

Grass Seed

Cache Brand Meadow Bromegrass – More upright growth, improved quality, and performance that is suitable in hay and pasture blends. Download Spec Sheet

Carlton Smooth Bromegrass – A widely adaptable sod-forming bromegrass that includes a moderate saline tolerance.

AC Knowles Hybrid Bromegrass 

Courtenay Tall Fescue – This variety was selected for high yield, quality and improved winter survival. With large, high quality basal leaves and flood and saline tolerance, Courtenay is an ideal component in seed mixtures.

Early Arctic Orchard Grass – An exceptional orchard grass that demonstrates above average hardiness. Early Arctic has strong winter survival and is an excellent companion when blended with alfalfa, and performs well in pasture or hay production.

Preval Meadow Fescue – Tolerates wet soils, and withstands close grazing.

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