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Our formulations are derived from natural mineral sources and enhanced with activated compost to create a BioGranule that nourishes the plant by feeding the soil first. As soil health improves, productivity rises, and producers reach for fewer chemical inputs including herbicides and pesticides.

Super KS

Super KS is a restorative regenerative fertilizer that improves soil biology while rebuilding plant-available sulphur and potassium levels in the soil.

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Rebuilder is our regenerative phosphate builder for depleted soils. Bring life back to your soils with phosphate, sulphur, and activated compost.

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HESO is our leading product in the maintenance series of regenerative fertilizers. It contains the purest, most natural form of phosphate, potassium, and sulphur soil can get, sustainably setting your soil up for long-term yield and with a low salt index.

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