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Soil Amendments & Inoculants

Soil Amendments

Bio-Cycle offers the next generation of sustainable soil

Bio-Sul Premium Plus is a recycled, sustainable nutrient source consisting of 70% elemental sulphur and 30% compost. Sulphur (S) is essential in all crops, and shortages can lead to decreased yield and protein levels in crops.

Bio-Sul Premium Plus is an elemental sulphur product, consisting of a variety of particle sizes providing an extended breakdown period. Some sulphur is readily available as sulfate sulfur. And as the season unfolds, elemental sulphur is broken down all season long thanks to the nutrient-rich compost and soil microbes. With high-application rates, multiple years of sulphur availability is present making Bio-Sul Premium Plus an economical nutrient.

Why Bio-Sul Premium Plus?

  • IMPROVED TIMING: Bio-Sul can be applied when it’s convenient for you, and ongoing applications increase the window of application – each application increases the breakdown speed of subsequent applications

  • INCREASED BIOAVAILABILITY: Thanks to compost blended with elemental sulphur, microbes needed to convert S to sulphate sulphur is present, and has a head start.

  • INCREASED SEED SAFETY: Bio-Sul Premium Plus is broadcast on the surface of your soil, has a low salt-index and is safer on seed than traditional S products.

  • REMOVE BULKY FERTILIZER FROM SEEDING: Save time and reduce hassle during hectic spring seeding with a custom fall application

  • REDUCED LEACHING: Microbes that convert elemental sulphur to plant-available sulphate sulphur respond to the same conditions that encourage plant growth. Cold and wet? Conversion to sulphate is slowed, meaning your Bio-Sul investment won’t wash away with the rain.


AGTIV® highly effective inoculants (such as mycorrhizae and rhizobium) provide sustainable results in the field for increased net returns on AGTIVated acres.


  • Expand root system growth

  • Enhance Nutrient & water Uptake

  • Increase tolerance to stresses

  • Improve soil structure

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